Rustic Old Timber Sideboard

This extremely heavy and solidly built vintage piece has been constructed of solid timber on all four sides, as well as the shelves. A very high quality piece.


Featuring a beautiful tiled trim, this piece is in fantastic condition. There are no chips or cracks in the tiles and the piece stands just as solidly as it was intended to.


This could easily accommodate a television and stereo, your favourite art pieces including solid statures or other sculptures, or simply bring some strong, industrial flair to your home décor bare of any further decoration.


With a strong rustic and edgy appeal, this is definitely the piece for lovers of unique pieces they know they have the only one of. Its rough and distressed design will work as a strong counterpoint to modern, clean lines and bold colours, or just as easily sit amidst a motley collection of artistic styling, holding it own wonderfully.



Length: 1500mm

Width: 410mm

Height: 910mm

Rustic Old Timber Sideboard


Item can be picked up from our antique store in Penrith.


- OR -


Delivery can be arranged for $45 to any suburb in the entire Sydney area (including the metro city centre, Campbelltown, Hornsby and as far as Katoomba within the Blue Mountains).


Please select the pick up or delivery option (for the Sydney area) in the dropbox below:


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