Pair of Victorian Veranda Lights

Here we have a pair of stunning original Victorian veranda lights from circa 1880. They would look absolutely striking on the outside of a house or even on the interior hallway, providing charm as well as a lovely ambient glow. The design of these lamps is one that many have tried to replicate over the years, but it is rare to come across the original Victorian pieces such as this pair. 

With solid cast iron bases, these lights are extremely study and will definitely pass the test of time. The bases also feature lovely eye-catching embossed details. One of the lights still features the wonderful rustic remainders of its original painted base.

These lights both feature the original frosted glass shades in the classic statue of liberty flame style, these expressing wonderful well crafted embossed curves. The glass of the shades is a gorgeous golden tone that will definitely emit a warm light, and the fact that these are still intact and undamaged after all these years is a marvel in itself. 

These lights are in marvellous condition, they have both been rewired and are in full working order!


Height: 36cm

Width: 14cm

Depth: 20cm

Pair of Victorian Veranda Lights

Item can be picked up from our antique store in Penrith.


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Australia Wide delivery can be arranged for a flat rate of $25



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